is a 2D survival game that places you on the surface of Mars. You will experience the hostility of the Martian environment, a desperate need for valuable resources and rogue colonists who want what you have.

Back on Earth, you "won" the Mars lottery. It was more like a draft as you didn't have much say in the matter, but with rising temperatures and oceans, species dying off and climate change taking its toll on the planet, Earth is slowly becoming a shell of its former glory. It is time for the human race to venture into the cosmos and establish a new presence. The team at SpaceY have chosen you for your ingenuity and survival skills; this won't easily compare to trekking the wilderness of Siberia, however...

The colony ship you arrived in broke apart on entry. You were one of the lucky few to land safely...then again, would it have been better fortune to simply turn to ash in the atmosphere?

First, you will need shelter. Mars is known for brutal sandstorms and you don't want to get caught in one. There's enough wreckage strewn across the surface that might provide resources to scavenge, so after you set up a base of operations you'll need to consider venturing further.

You see the colony flag in the distance - it is said that living under its colors would provide a boost to morale and production. It may be safer to establish a base near it. Then again, it may also serve as a giant bullseye for the desperate.

If you can establish communication with Earth to let them know your position, they'll be able to send supplies from the orbiting station and provide new plans for construction.

There is no authority here. Any remaining colonists will be in panic. Without authority to defend the rule of law, society decends into chaos. Beware the destitute: a person who cannot swim will drown their rescuer.